Target Audience

16 and under EVENT GO-ERS




nickelodeon slimefest


create artist visuals

Video Type

content creation


8,000 over melbourne/sydney shows



Client is

thrilled with outcome

The Situation

A friend of ours  running a successful T-Shirt design start-up approached us to put together a video to thank all their wonderful customers who donated towards a Pozzible campaign aimed at donating fashionable, confidence building, T-Shirt to Asylum Seekers looking to start a new life in Melbourne.

The Situation

Nickelodeon Slimefest is an international kids live show that has been operating in Australia for several years. Our partners at Woohah Productions supplied full production services for the event, including lighting, vision, and audio equipment.

The Brief

Recognizing the benefits of using an in-house content team, Nickelodeon and Killrockstar tasked Avino Media with creating artist visuals that were to be displayed on Woohah’s giant LED screen backdrop. In addition to this, we agreed to resize and repurpose existing visual assets belonging to Nickelodeon to fit on this year’s screen.


With a strong background in animation, this task was perfectly suited to our team. The biggest challenge was the lead time, and getting all the required assets from the different organisations and bands.

Our processes involved reviewing artist song selections, using available artist visuals, creating our own visual designs, and then ensuring everything was suited to a youth audience.

The Debief

The production was a huge success, with both organisers and attendees being blown away with how well the show played out. Not only did we work closely with the client, but also with the guys on the ground running the night, ensuring that not only did we provide the content required, but that it also ran smoothly and hassle free.

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