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At A Distance


Perfect Design

Target Audience

Youth Voters




At A Distance


Present a new angle of a topical subject

Video Type


Festivals Entered


Funds Pledged


Client is

Excited about turning their vision into a reality in the near future

The Situation

Our client approached us via a mutual contact to help them create a unique documentary series focusing on the increasingly popular issue of Asylum Seekers and Australia. Although the issue already has high visibility in Australia, our client wanted to bring a more human element to the policy debate.

The Brief

Our initial goal was to create a marketable pilot that could be shared with potential investors and TV stations to raise support for a full documentary series.

Our Proposal

We posed the idea of creating a short 3-5 minute documentary trailer that showcased one of the main characters, but also the unique human element the series would pursue.


Using footage shot before we joined the project, we sought to keep the editing style simple and clean and allow the message to flourish unhindered. Colour correction also played a particularly important role in creating an artistic yet professional look.

The Results

Our client served who has served mainly as our executive producer, has been successful in demonstrating early edits of the film. The pilot stands to be turned into a full documentary series in the medium term.

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