Content Creation

Our team works very closely with you to ensure that all your resources have been adapted to suit the situation. Whether it's for a live function, social media campaign or a specific client, we work around the clock to ensure that you're provided with quality content, on time, and to your exact specifications.

Commer­cials & Documentaries

You have an idea, a message, or a product that people are missing out on. Sometimes you just wish you could talk to more people, more often. We work hard to understand your product, your marketing needs, and your target demographic – all to create a truly unique story that will speak to your audience on a new level.

Event Coverage

We know how much hard work goes into organizing an event and managing stakeholder interests. We know how important it is to maximize publicity when the opportunity comes. We have a rich experience in covering live events and turning them into shareable and permanent messages. Most of all, we want you to know that, with us, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Shaun Francis

Creative Director

With experience in graphic design, animation and video production - Shaun is the embodiment of multi-talented creative professionalism. When he's not crafting videos, you'd probably find him applying his signature brand of elbow grease to his four-wheel drive.

Sean Wong

Project Manager

Sean hails from a business management background, having worked in accounting, legal and project management roles in a broad number of industries. Outside of videos, he enjoys lifting weights. He finds it helps him to be at one with his inner chi.


As a small video production business based in Melbourne, Avino Media utilise a deep understanding of marketing and cinematic techniques to personally tailor our services to your needs. This is complemented with our 'can-do' attitude - there's no project too big or small.

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Process Is Key

Our process begins as soon as you first make contact with us. We begin planning your project straightaway; assessing how best to approach it in order to deliver the best result.

What questions will you ask?

We will ask you about your business, your experience with video production, what your objectives are, and what your expectations are.

Initial Meeting

We'd love to meet you before any project to assess three things:
(i) Are we right for you?
(ii) Are you right for us?
(iii) How can we make the most impact?

What should I bring to these meetings?

For the best results, we’d recommend bringing along a clear vision for the video, along with any target audience and distribution expectations you may have. Ideally you should bring a project brief (printed documents, notes on a pad, napkin, beer mat or the back of your hand!).

The Quote

We'll take time to discuss and assess our approach, then we'll create a quote and project outline, within 2-3 days of our initial meeting.

What do you typically charge?

We charge primarily for labour, which goes at roughly $300 per day. We occasionally have to charge for out-of-pocket expenses incurred, which we never mark-up.

Project Management

We use in-house project management tools to manage your project from start to finish. Put simply, this allows us maximum control to ensure your project is delivered on time and to spec.

How do I know if everything is running to plan?

We typically engage with our clients on a weekly basis at a minimum to update on the project status. Similarly, we utilise scripting, storyboarding, run sheets and project outlines to ensure that all vital information is preserved and transparent.

The Shoot and Creation

We arrive on-time and prepare for your video shoot. Whatever the location, time or type of event, we carry ourselves with integrity and professionalism at all times. As soon as we finish shooting we will review our footage and get to work creating your video.

How long will you take?

This stage may be the longest you may not hear from us, but we will provide you with relevant updates as we go. Our projects normally take between 2-4 weeks.

The Review

Once we are happy with the product, we will send you a link to preview your video. We are happy to discuss content changes and shot substitution as agreed to in our scope of work.

What happens if I don't like it?

We always expect feedback from our customers although broad concept changes can be difficult and may require additional costs. We are happy to accept a list of changes and will do everything we can to achieve those.

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